Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer: Feeding

Being MIA from the blogging world for almost 2 months has put me very far behind. In a feeble attempt to cover everything us Huff's have been up to, I will break the next three posts down into;
Summer: Feeding
Summer: The Act of
Summer: The way America used to be.

This post is Summer:Feeding

Me and Cody are still cooking up a storm. Was there ever a doubt? I love food too much to let this tradition die. In these pictures are
-our recreation of Monte Cristo sandwiches (Found in the Blue Bayou at Disneyland).. (Ah,mazing!!)
-A salad we tried to recreate that we ate at some cafe in Utah, apple, blackberry cinnamon goodness. (we failed to make it as good as we remembered, but it was still aight.)
We also tried a couple new restaurants.
-The Chuck Box by ASU. I've wanted to eat there forever. It didn't disappoint. True, it was semi hole in the wall,ish, but tasty goodness none the less.
-While on the way to pick up a Hungary Howey's pizza, which is our favorite cheap pizza these days, we drove by 'The Frybread house.' We promptly flipped a U-turn and attended. How long has this secret been hiding? Why has no one ever mentioned this to me before? mmm deep-fried, refried white flour, gluton filled goodness. hmmm what does this closely resemble? .... A doughnut of course. Its no wonder I love fry bread so much. It is simply taking one of my favorite things and making it acceptable to eat for dinner. Fantastic! God Bless the Native Americans who came up with these delicacies. (Fact or Fiction? Did Native Americans actually invent Fry Bread?)

There is so much more, but that is all I have pictures of, so this is where Feeding ends.


  1. You crack me up. And of course the Native Americans invented fry bread. sheesh.