Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The New Emo

Something has been plaguing my mind lately. I am just going to put it out there and see if anyone agrees with me.

10 or so years ago started the fad of emo. Tight pants, dark hair, sad screaming music. I was a part of this fad, and I would be lying if I said it didn't have a special place in my teenage heart. I understand emo, even if I was really bad at it, I got it.

So what up with this apparent new fad. I am naming it the awkward fad.
Whats with this need to be completely internal and socially strange. Don't believe me? I can hardly make sense of it myself, but follow me on this journey.

Twilight. I'm not bashing. I love me some Edward/Bella as much as anyone else, but Bella has completely capitalized on the awkward fad. Stuttering, looking down, being soft-spoken, our dear sweet Bella can be summed up in one word; awkward.
Could this be a fluke? Did Kristen Stewart nail her role in twilight or was she using a bit too much awkwardness to be cool? ... lets proceed
Paper heart. Did anyone see this? It was recommended to me and Cody by a few people, and I love Michael Cera so we saw it. Five or so months later I am still not sure how I felt about this movie.
Did I love it? Did I hate it?
I'm not really sure.
What I do know is that the awkward fad was definitely present. The main character, Charlyne Yi was so awkward it was semi hard for me to watch. This is once again, what added to her "coolness" - her awkwardness. she took Kristen's awkward to a whole new level...
One desperately boring Friday night led me and Cody to redboxing this little gem. *sarcasm*
'Remember me' was riddled with, if you can believe it, EVEN GREATER awkward performances by Robert Pattinson, and Caitlyn Rund. Beautiful performance you too. I appreciated the short clipped sentences, not looking at each other, and overall taking awkwardness to new heights. As your audience, it was really fun to watch.
I guess my main question here is, with this new fad that is running rampant, are kids walking around high school avoiding all eye contact and pretending to be internally bleeding? When they are finally forced to interact with each other are their words clipped and forced? Are the truly cool kids forced to speak less than 100 words a day? ... If so, this post has just made me WAY uncool.


  1. I'm there. I hear ya. Michael and I sometimes try to go a whole day without talking to each other, just for the sake of coolness. at the end of the day we feel pretty dang awkward and super cool. You should try it. I also like to carry around a notebook in which to write down my deep thoughts and poetry.

  2. Seriously. I have seen twilight and Bellas awkwardness kills me. I havent seen Paper heart or Remember me, but Remember me was awkward in commericals. I dont understand it myself.

  3. Um Paper Heart might be the worst movie I have ever seen! It was so awkward! Awkwardness is not fun to watch it make you super uncomfortable, and actually I think Robert Pattinson was not as bad in Remember Me as he was in Twilight, still bad but not as. I hope teenagers aren't like this now because how uncomfortable is everybody around them?! haha