Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Madness

Thanksgiving this year was fantastic. We ate 3 fantastic dinners. The first gluttonous feasting was with the Harris Family (Cody's mom's side) at noon. After there we headed out to the Huffaker extravaganza at 2. The Following day we had another Thanksgiving dinner with the Theriot's.

I am mourning the loss of my 'skinny' jeans.

The Huffakers decided they wanted to dress up like pilgrims and indians. - Mack makes a fantastic indian.

The Huffaker family.

Have I mentioned my sister Deanna had a baby a couple weeks ago? Well she makes a beautiful turkey. Her name is Reagan.

I could never even dream of cooking as good as my mom. - Look at that cheese sauce on the broccoli AND the homemade rolls... mmmm...

This pic was taken yesterday so it doesn't really fit in my Thanksgiving post BUT i couldn't resist posting it. Look at my two men - they are amazing.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth

I am sorry for all the pictures, but I really couldn't resist! My fantastic in-laws took us on a vacation to the happiest place on earth!!

I. Love. Disneyland.

It was a whole new experience getting to take baby Mack with us. He was such a champ! He did great in the car (thanks to the baby Einstein DVD) and he really was so happy the entire weekend! I'm pretty sure I have the cutest little boy in the entire world, and it helps that he is all smiles all the time! Thank you so much Darin and Lori for taking us!

Although Mack is a little young to fully enjoy the Disneyland goodness he did love certain things. #1 - The Merry-go-round! .... well, not so much the actual ride, but the gold pole that his horse was attached to :). He got so excited every time he saw it. He would hit it and try to get it in his mouth the entire ride. It was pretty awesome! Cody is a bit worried about his son's future loving gold poles.

#2 - Mack LOVED those spiny glowing toys that all the spoiled kids had. You know, the ones that look kind of like a flashlight, but when you push the button it spins super fast and the attached lights spin around. Are you picturing it? ..Well, Mack LOVED them. I wasn't about to buy him one because he would have tried to eat it while it was spinning (disaster). So he just watched other kids carry them around. - Grandpa DID however buy a cool glowing drink of some kind **cough** ridiculous rip off **cough** BUT it proved to be useful because Mack was the recipient of the cool glowy ice cube that came in it. He loves that thing!

We had a fantastic time! Thanks again Huffakers for making Mack's first D-land trip amazing! We love you guys!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Follow up Story

I feel sick. I ate 3 ..count them THREE chocolate muffins and now I want to vomit.

Maybe muffins and diet soda don't make the greatest breakfast.

The End.

As I sat down at my computer this morning I had every intention of catching up this blog. My fam just got back from D-land and I have attended an amazing murder mystery party that I was going to blog about, but I can't. There is something that is giving me more joy at the moment than my memories ever could. I am enjoying one of my favorite breakfasts of all time. A chocolate muffin from Costco and a Diet cherry Pepsi. For all of you who haven't tried a Costco chocolate muffin let me explain. It is like eating the most deliciously moist (I appologize to Cody for using his least favorite word, but there isn't a substitute) Chocolate cake EVER with little soft chocolate chips hiding inside! And the DCP is an obvious choice.

Maybe I will add another entry later today about the important things that happen in my life, but for now I am going to sit here and enjoy the rest of my amazing breakfast!! I hope all of your breakfasts were equally good.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hallowee 2009

Mack begged me this year to dress him as a snooty French man. I made his little onsie, scarf and shoes like a month ago and when I went to put it on him yesterday they were EXTREMELY tight, but I managed to cram him in there anyway:) We had a pretty relaxing Halloween. Jaxon, my little bro in law had a beatles concert where him and his friends dressed up as the beatles and (with the help of rock band) put on a concert for the neighborhood. It was pretty funny/amazing!!!