Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Continuing to Cook

Me and Codes have made some delicious things in these past couple weeks. Those things include homemade rolls and fajittas. I wish I would have taken pictures to post. But I didn't.

In celebration of Easter and super cheap hams we chose Emril's Sugarcane Baked Ham with spiced Apples and Pears. The ham is extra sugary with the sugarcane swizzles stuck throughout the ham and the glaze that is made out of sugarcane syrup. It was SO good, despite the fact that I couldn't find the stupid kitchen twine that I needed to wrap the ham up with. - My friends in the Safeway meat department hooked me up though:) Anyway It was delicious and easy.

Me and Cody had originally planned to make this one together but then he needed to stay at school late to finish a paper. So I made my family come over and eat with me. Thanks guys.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Follow up Story

Oh what a beautiful mooorning,
Oh what a beautiful day.
I've got a wonderful feeeliiiing,
12 doughnuts are coming my waaaay.
(from the musical Oklahoma of course.. minus a few words)

I have the best friends EVER!
Mrs. Lissa Walker supplied my Krispy Kremes needs.
And also gifted me with these fantastic suckers ... that I gave her like a month ago trying to get rid of.
Hey Dad, maybe next time you should pretend to give me a car!? Lissa?

What. The. Heck.

What a horrible thing Monday morning is. Pure torture. Knowing I have piles of work to do and no Cody to help me. - Yesterday morning was just like any other. After changing a particularly shnasty diaper that Mack granted me with I opened my door to throw it away.. AND BEHOLD!! Krispy Kremes!!!! It is no secret that me and Mr. K Kreme have had a long standing love affair. But who would be kind enough to produce such a magnificent surprise!?!?

W.T.H Dad, .... W.T.H.
I stared at the box for much longer than I should have, clearly in shock and utter disbelief. Then my sorrow and agony turned to rage. An Alicia Silverstone's 'As If' truly left my lips..
This. Means. War. .