Friday, September 30, 2011

I had an ultra sound this morning to find out the sex of our baby.

This is me, being extremely awkward with a fake weird smile. I always get really uncomfortable in front of cameras, and inevitably end up doing some sort of weird smile or cheesy face.

Anyway, I wanted to document my belly at 20 weeks. Please note, that this is a strange camera phone picture, I am actually much larger than this in real life. ..much larger, but just as awkward :)

We found out that we are going to be having boy number 2!!! We are so thrilled. I kept going back and forth, whether I wanted a girl or boy, but I am seriously very happy with the results. Now they can share a room (by force) and be best friends (also by force). I'm still due in the middle of Feb. but Cody is pulling for me to be super late and to have it on leap year. HA, I will dig this baby out if it gets to be that late!
You think I'm kidding?..

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Look at this beauty. I bought my very first baby grand piano at an estate sale. $250 (I may have a slight obsession with estate sales)

I had big plans for this piano...

-A new house, (oh, have I not blogged about the move?... shocker)
-A new room to decorate (minus the fact that I am world's worst interior designer)
-And I had big plans to paint this piano a distressed ocean blue. (dream big folks)

All those lovely dreams were dashed today when the piano tuner came over today, took my hard earned 65 dollars and told me to trash the piano and start over.

Great. screaming sarcasm.

Now I am sad. These dang pregnancy hormones are killing me this time around (Sweet, I actually posted about that one! Wh-what!)

So, what have I done since I heard the news that devastated me? (pregnancy hormones, remember?) Oh, don't worry I promptly sat on my couch, ate a bag FULL of chocolate covered pretzels and a diet Dr. Pepper.
It gets even more pathetic. I am sneaking the pretzels into my fat mouth so I don't have to share them with Mack.
Oh man, I need a new outlook on life.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mack said his very first prayer a few days ago. Before this we have been doing the whole repeat what we say type of deal, but he created this masterpiece on his own...

Dear Heafenly Faffer,
ThankThee Mama, Daddy, Ten Apples up on top (favorite Dr. Suess book), Jesus Cuist, AmmmmEn

I love this boy.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Old News is Still News

I have neglected to officially announce that I am pregnant. Not that this is new news to anyone. My blog readers consist of family and friends, all of which probably know I am prego. So, for the sake of documenting, and to tell any friends, and strange stalkers from other countries, I may have forgotten to tell.

This ultra sound pic was taken a few months ago.
I am 17 weeks along.
Feeling great, but I have been sicker with this one than I was with Mack. Thank goodness that is all over.... for now.