Thursday, October 20, 2011

This year's Halloween cards have been sent. Mack is adorable in them, if I do say so myself. Have I forgotten anyone out there? If you would like one, e-mail me at and I will send one your way!!!

Oh, and this random picture has nothing to do with this post, other than it is super cool, and about Halloween ...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We celebrated Cody's birthday literally all week long, since he had to work on his actual birthday.

We started our funtivities with him having Columbus Day off (more to come on that)
Then after work on his B-day we went out to Joe's for his delicious free meal.
Then Friday we went on our birthday date.
And then we finally topped the whole week off with his family on Sunday for a family party, featuring grandmas fried chicken, creamed corn, and strawberry pie.

I guess the man is loved :)

Friday for our date we visited Cody's fav. Carrabba's and then headed to a movie. Carrabba's never dissapoints, though we rarely visit because we are poor and they don't like our kind there. So we go once a year on Cody's birthday just about every year.
Then we went with the season and saw a "scary" movie, which turned out to be a huge disappointment. It was extremely cheesy, so let me save you the regret, see a different one instead. :) BuuuT we did load up on sugary treats of every variety, which helped the movie to be more enjoyable.

I am having birthday week hangover this week. Filled with binge eating to fill the void.. And I'm sure my thighs will be paying the price for years to come.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Isn't this quite possibly the creepiest thing you have ever seen? What is Barbie thinking? I know they were probably going for a grandma barbie, but she turned out looking straight zombie!

You might be wondering why I posted this disturbing picture on my blog, well guess what? It is to document the fact that I got my first grey hair.. joyous. I take back everything I said about not feeling old at age 25... one grey hair and I feel like I might fall over dead at any moment.

The grey hair that stole my pigmented luscious youthful hair is smack center just above my forehead. Whats worse... the bottom 6 inches were still my normal blackish brown color, and then the 6 newest inches belonged to the loathsome silver color.
It was taunting me.
As if to say... there goes your youth. Embrace this ghastly white as your own because that's all you can do. And I was supposed to look away without a second glance.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

If I don't blog about it, it never happened right? ... so I can stay 24 forever? No? Dang, well I might as well post it then.
I celebrated my 25th birthday on September 15th. I am getting older and loving it. As of 25, I still don't really feel that old. Talk to me when I turn 30 I guess.
The day was pretty uneventful, but filled with a lot of love from family and friends. I seriously have the best family and friends ever! Thank you for making me feel so loved. Cody had to sit in court that day so he was gone before I even woke up, but rest assured there was a box of donuts waiting for me :) Thank you Cody. I spent that day with family and friends and my buddy Mack. Then latter that night I went to Joe's Farm Grill to cash in on my free dinner. (pictured above) Me and Cody went out of control and basically ordered everything on the menu. So. Much. Food. We didn't even eat a quarter of it. But, totally worth it. Mmmm fried green beans.
Moving on..
A couple days later Cody took me on an adorable date that, despite these horrible pictures I wanted to document. He started by giving me really cute dream-catcher-esque earrings that he wanted me to wear on our date. Good job Cody, they are adorable and went along with a gift card that he gave me later on in the date to a place called charming charlies. ..witch is adorable, because I mentioned that I wanted to visit that place like 6 months prior. Smooth Cody :) He also gave me a coupon to purchase an industrial sewing machine. Have I mentioned that I like to reupholster furniture? Anyway, he wanted to surprise me with one, but wasn't sure what kind I wanted. To his credit he actually did research the different types and started talking to me about the different pros and cons of each model.
he he Cody talking about bobbins makes me chuckle a little bit.
A few weeks prior to this date we picked up a Phoenix magazine featuring the top 20 restaurants in the Phoenix area. Cody surprised me by taking me to two of them, one for dinner and then another for dessert. The first was called Amarro's in Cave Creek, that had bomb pizza. Seriously. Delicious. This picture is of the spinach tomato pizza, and I know you can't really go wrong, but the mozzarella was fresh and everything was so fresh and delicious.
The second restaurant was Tanzy, in Scottsdale. This turned out to be a cool spot for 40 year olds trying to maintain their youth. Sad, but humorous. Their desserts did not disappoint though. We enjoyed creme brulee as well as flour-less chocolate cake. Magnificent, and with built in entertainment, it was extremely enjoyable.
We had such a fun date. Thank you Chelsea for watching Mack overnight for us, and thank you Cody for continuing to be so creative and making me feel so special. I love you.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Guess who turns 28 today!? This guy! ..My husband, not the weird clock statue.

Party time!
On an unrelated note. (besides being centered on my husband)
Doesn't Cody look like Michael Buble? Oh well, I think he totally does and no one agrees with me! No one! Come on, they have the same adorable round face, and perfect nose! .. go look again.
BUT, I felt totally vindicated when a teenage girl from our new church ward told Cody that exact thing... sweet vindication!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Feel free to call my husband Esquire, because Cody passed the BAR! Hallelujah!

Not that I had any concern whether or not he would pass, but the three months of waiting to find out was a killer.

We celebrated by going out to eat with Dane, a law buddy of Cody's, and devouring all that Famous Dave's threw our way.

Friday, October 7, 2011

A nice big house, and what is my favorite part you might wonder?

An automatic place to park my car?
The elevated dishwasher?
The fact the washer/dryer is inside?
The pool?
The space?
The extra bedroom?
The citrus trees?

Nope ... but they are all nice steps up from our last places :)

The very best part, is a part that pleases the nerdiest part of my heart. Nintendo in bed.

This little 10'' TV was left in the extra bedroom, so I quickly put it to use. I pulled out my old elementary school Nintendo (64 baby, though I do love me some super Nintendo as well) that occupied all my time as a kid, and hooked it up. I know I am part boy, but I. love. Nintendo. Me and Cody pass a lot of time playing smash brothers. What can I say, the romance in bed is still alive. ..too far Tracy, too far.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I know what this blog is missing!!


After taking a quick gander through my latest blog entries I've decided I really need to readjust the direction of this blog (HA!!!)
..(I secretly hate it when people actually say that)
Anyway who am I kidding, food makes up like 75% of my life's decisions, so posting about food is probably more telling about my life than anything else. ...I'm only partially kidding.
With that being said, me and Cody are still cooking our meals together and having a lovely time. With the new move our groove has been thrown off, but I am an eater.. I'm sure we will find it again.

The first picture is of a meal that was on the cover of a food network magazine a few months back. It was very summery and delicious. I wish I would have saved the recipe, but it had some light lemony dressing, with the pasta, nuts, basil, fresh mozzarella and roasted bell pepper. Very light and delicious.

The second picture is another food network magaziner, Grilled Mac and Cheese with pulled pork. I found that one on the internet, so if you want it just go HERE. Why haven't I ever thought of putting mac n cheese on a sandwich before? Genius. It was ooberly delicious, but ridiculously filling!

Number three is a delicious turtle cheesecake. I also found a very similar recipe to this one, linked right here. Cheesecake Heaven.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's true, we moved!!

Cody's grandma moved into a new house to be closer to her daughter, and is kind enough to let us stay in her place. It is such a blessing to have great family who help us out.

My parents let us live in their condo for over 4 years, and now Cody's grandma is letting us stay in her place. Like I said, blessed.

We are so sad to see our old place go. We loved it, and loved the people we got to know there, but I feel like we have paid our apartment/condo dues (5ish years). Our family is expanding and it is so nice to have a little more space.

This is the only picture we have of our new place so far. We crammed everything into the front room while moving. This was while grandma was still living there, might I add.

Monday, October 3, 2011

As I got out my Halloween decorations this year, I came across this skeleton man that the Huffakers gave me. I propped it into a sitting position to see if Mack would like it.

He LOVED him!
.. I know, the apple didn't fall far from the Halloween loving tree.

Mack played with this thing for like an hour.
But the absolute best was when I entered the room to find Mack doing "This little piggie went to market" on the skeleton toes!!! HA HA HA
A little morbid, bit hilarious!