Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer: The Act Of

This summer has flown by so quickly I can hardly believe it is almost over! Cody has been working at a law firm that practices consumer law, and I have been busy with my last two online classes. I am pleased to announce that as of Monday I am finished with my bachelors degree in liberal arts. Now I just need to apply for my diploma. It's not exactly the major that I had initially intended, but I worked really hard for what seems like forever and I am really proud of getting my degree. Yay. Anyway, since I absolutely refuse to walk for my graduation and my mom is irate, she is determined to get a picture of me in a ASU cap and gown. ...great. My reason for posting all this is that I in no way intend to purchase an ASU cap/gown just for one blasted picture. Does anyone out there have one that I can borrow for say, 15 minutes or so? :) I would be completely in your debt!
This summer has been filled with fun and family. Here are a few pictures I have collected.
Mack loves water. He especially loves putting his head under the hose and drinking the deliciously dirty water. Yumm.
My face decided it wanted some bangs for the summer. Thanks Janae for humoring my face.
Last week Cody, Mack and me decided to make use of the amazingly cool day and hit up our favorite, pioneer park. It was so fun to go outdoors and play in the middle of the day without immediately losing 10lbs of sweat. This is what Mack does every time we put him in the swing. - He immediately throws his head back and laughs (which might be something he got from me.)
Us being happy at the park.
This is Mack glued to his favorite Baby Einstein movie. Isn't he so handsome? I love this boy so much.
My sister Deanna, who I call Dee, graduated with her Masters in Business something or other from University of Phoenix. Aside from Condalisa Rice, who's talk was really good, the entire thing was, I'm sorry Dee, very boring. (adding to my not wanting to walk for my Bachelors) Good thing I brought my food network magazine.

Cody went to a conference in D.C. for his old job at the Institute for justice. Cody in DC is comparable to me in Disneyland. Giddily Happy.
Me, Mack, Dee, and baby Raegan hopped over to Tempe Marketplace one morning to take advantage of these sweet water jets. Mack loved it, even though in this picture he looks terrified and confused. ha ha.
Dee and baby Raegan. Aren't her pearls darling?


  1. I made jeff keep his cap and gown for memory's sake. it would swim on you, but if we lived there you could totally borrow it.

    way to go an graduating btw!

  2. somehow graduation ceremonies are way less boring when it's you graduating. mine was the greatest day of my life! with that being said, if i had an ASU cap and gown i'd totally let you borrow it. BYU made us return ours (we could only keep the cap) and yet it still cost like 25 bucks. BYU is no different than any other university, they'll get you with all they can! congrats on the graduating though! it truly is something to be so proud of!

  3. I'll make you a custom cap and gown. Get ready...