Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Last week my fantastic parents decided to take us to the D-backs game! Woo hoo! Lots of fun and delicious treats .. even though I missed out on the large cookie. We were in the nose bleeds and had a good time! For some reason we ended up going on the same night that a conservative 'support AZ' group went. I am mad I didn't take a picture- they had this sign that was supposed to say ...WE 'HEART' AZ but you couldn't see the heart sign so it just looked like they were holding a sign that said WEAZ, which made me laugh out loud the entire night, after just typing that out I am now realizing that it isn't that funny. hmmm..All of the pics of me and Cody turned out blurry.
These two lovebirds are my amazing parents who took us! Thanks again guys! Don't I have the cutest parents in the world, look at them with their matching Diamond Backs shirts. Ha ha
Well hello sister Dee and Bro in law Michael! .. I apologize for this semi strange photo of you now being posted on my blog.
This was an entirely different day but I couldn't help posting it. Mack LOVES dogs so I thought I would take him to the pet store in the mall. He loved it. He tried to get every dogs attention by banging on the glass, laughing at them, yelling at them, and dancing for them! Um hi, does anyone even buy dogs at the mall? They are like a billion dollars, not that we are in the market for a dog, but I'm pretty sure we wont pay anywhere near what they are asking. half a billion, .. . . .


  1. i love dbacks games! Thats something I definitely HAVE to do once a year at least. I'm still not sure if I'll go back to school this year or if I'll wait till spring. If I wasn't due during fall semester I so would. And as for theory, I have two more to do out of the four (yeah, I started all over too... and boy was I glad. My teachers never taught me that kind of stuff). Good luck with it! They're not too bad as long as you show up every time!

  2. First of all Mac is huge!

    Second of all, I give you permission to take one ginormous road trip to see us!