Thursday, December 3, 2009

Meet Mack's 'Cousin'

I have needed to write this little story down forever so I don't forget it. However, I am aware that this is a story that probably his mom is the only one who thinks it is cute. So please don't feel pressured to leave a comment saying this story is .... cute? ... precious ..? ha ha

Mack has a cousin. Human? No. He is a weird looking puffy stuffed monster that someone gave me at my baby shower. I had forgotten that I even had this monster until 4 or 5 months after Mack was born.
Well needless to say Mack instantly fell in love with cousin and he loves to have him with him everywhere. great. Well a tragedy happened in my young Mack's life. (or maybe was just the result of a careless mother who loses everything) Cousin went missing.

A few weeks later we headed out to Old Navy for some little necessities. I was perusing the little kid section and was surprised to here Mack whining about something. When I looked down I realized he had spotted a NEW cousin and was whining for it. Wow I felt like homeward bound had just happened and somehow cousin had come back to us. (don't pretend like you all didn't watch that movie) What was I supposed to do? It was the most adorable thing ever, so like a sucker of a mom I bought him a new puffy cousin. He LOVES that thing and was so happy to carry it throughout Old Navy.

A couple weeks later we found missing cousin under a seat in Cody's truck. So now we have cousin, and we have 2nd cousin? lol.

Mack doesn't mind.

**side note** I have no idea how the puffy monster came to be called cousin.