Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Apparently we are museum going people, because last Saturday we headed out to the Arizona Science center. My In-laws Darin and Lori bought these tickets ahead of time and gave them to us for Christmas. How cute is that!? It was absolutely perfect.
We got there right when it opened, so there was hardly anyone there.

This was the first thing Mack ran to... a giant stomach replica. As soon as he ran in, it made a loud stomach gurgling noise that scared him horribly. He ran out of there as fast as his little legs would let him. It was quite hilarious.
Cody Convinced him it was a good idea to try again... after all, there was a slide involved at the end of the stomach.
But Cody was distracted by the poop facts that were inside. .. go figure
The hand sensors would pick up your heart beat, and pound them on the drum.
A surprise attack of squishy balls when this giant nose "sneezed" ... Mack was not amused. ..he ran away again.
A cool basketball hoop exhibit, that I'm sure taught you something... but all Mack and Cody got out of it was free basketball practice.
At first Mack was hesitant to lay on the bed on nails. .. but he definitely got into it once he saw Mommy and Daddy doing it.
Then he couldn't get enough..
How handsome is this little boy!? We had to rip him away from each exhibit. He could have stayed there for a week. he loved experiencing so many new things.
The happy group.
Thank you Lori and Darin for such a fun day!
side note, (for pregnancy documenting) this was taken a little over a week ago. I am a little larger now, but only have less than a month!!!

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  1. Yay, I love your blog too. Now I can keep better updated with you guys because I never check facebook :) Super cute family.