Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Have you been to the Arizona museum for youth in Mesa? Cause it's fantastic.

I bought a groupon a while back, and am super happy I did. Me and Mack went last week with our friends Kara and Lucy. The kids loved it. Therefor, I loved it too.
Mack and Lucy loved this little piano that sat on the ground and lit up.
I'm pretty sure he is the next Beethoven.
And A Giant light bright-ish toy.
I got carried away
Cool pod chairs.
Giant blocks that begged Mack to jump off of them.
Velcro Tree and fruit. ... If I weren't so lazy, I would totally build this for Mack's room
Who knew that shaving cream art could be so fun? ... even though Mack made me wipe off his fingers every time they got dirty. He is such a clean little man.

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