Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello blogging world... or more realistically, Dad, Cody, and Lori. I know you are shocked to see a new blog entry from me. I guess that is what new years resolutions will do to you... or maybe I am looking for any excuse to prolong the inevitable taking down of the Christmas decorations.

The last two months have been a crazy blur. So much has happened, that will unfortunately only be remembered in my mind, because I have been the worlds worst photographer as of late. So Christmas 2011 will be documented without pictures. Sorry future posterity.

November was difficult for me and my family. My Nana, passed away the week before Thanksgiving. Cancer. My entire family gathered in San Diego to attend to funeral. It was really hard on me. I will miss my extremely sassy pants grandma. I know she is in a better place and I am okay now, but it was harder than I expected.

December was full of holiday festivities that kept me busy. We ate endless amounts of food, attended the Nutcracker. Made 2 "candy houses" (gingerbread houses) because Mack simply couldn't get enough... oh, and don't worry, my little OCD man color coded all his candy on the house. We saw Christmas lights at the temple, and visited Santa twice.

We had Christmas #1 with the extended Huffaker family. Christmas #2 with the immediate Huffaker family and Christmas #3 in Utah with the Theriot family. It was a blast, but definitely a whirl wind of non stop fun. Mack LOVES Christmas.. whats not to love. I tried really hard to teach him the two different stories of Baby Jesus, and also Santa Clause. He did pretty good understanding everything, and I thought he was really getting it until a couple of weeks ago when he started talking about baby Santa. ... eh, there's always next year :) He loved all his new presents, (there were way too many) but I think his favorite was a marble toy from Santa. My favorite presents included a vitamix blender from my parents and a special necklace from my grandma that was set in place before she passed (so cool, right?).

Christmas was extra special this year because it fell on a Sunday. We were able to listen to Elder Christofferson and his wife speak in church. (They are my parents neighbors) I am so lucky to have such great in-laws as well as family who I sincerely love spending time with. Family gatherings are really the highlight of my year.

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