Friday, October 7, 2011

A nice big house, and what is my favorite part you might wonder?

An automatic place to park my car?
The elevated dishwasher?
The fact the washer/dryer is inside?
The pool?
The space?
The extra bedroom?
The citrus trees?

Nope ... but they are all nice steps up from our last places :)

The very best part, is a part that pleases the nerdiest part of my heart. Nintendo in bed.

This little 10'' TV was left in the extra bedroom, so I quickly put it to use. I pulled out my old elementary school Nintendo (64 baby, though I do love me some super Nintendo as well) that occupied all my time as a kid, and hooked it up. I know I am part boy, but I. love. Nintendo. Me and Cody pass a lot of time playing smash brothers. What can I say, the romance in bed is still alive. ..too far Tracy, too far.

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