Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Isn't this quite possibly the creepiest thing you have ever seen? What is Barbie thinking? I know they were probably going for a grandma barbie, but she turned out looking straight zombie!

You might be wondering why I posted this disturbing picture on my blog, well guess what? It is to document the fact that I got my first grey hair.. joyous. I take back everything I said about not feeling old at age 25... one grey hair and I feel like I might fall over dead at any moment.

The grey hair that stole my pigmented luscious youthful hair is smack center just above my forehead. Whats worse... the bottom 6 inches were still my normal blackish brown color, and then the 6 newest inches belonged to the loathsome silver color.
It was taunting me.
As if to say... there goes your youth. Embrace this ghastly white as your own because that's all you can do. And I was supposed to look away without a second glance.


  1. Don't the Barbie people know that women of a certain age really need to get rid of the long straight hair? She does look ghastley. I am offended for all the Grandmothers of the world.
    PS: You could have used that hair to your advantage for Halloween.
    PSS:You are super beautiful and youthful. That hair must have come from Cody frightening you in the night!

  2. 1? thats it!? Im only 24 and I have had 30 gray hairs. Which means I am going to die before you do.