Sunday, October 16, 2011

If I don't blog about it, it never happened right? ... so I can stay 24 forever? No? Dang, well I might as well post it then.
I celebrated my 25th birthday on September 15th. I am getting older and loving it. As of 25, I still don't really feel that old. Talk to me when I turn 30 I guess.
The day was pretty uneventful, but filled with a lot of love from family and friends. I seriously have the best family and friends ever! Thank you for making me feel so loved. Cody had to sit in court that day so he was gone before I even woke up, but rest assured there was a box of donuts waiting for me :) Thank you Cody. I spent that day with family and friends and my buddy Mack. Then latter that night I went to Joe's Farm Grill to cash in on my free dinner. (pictured above) Me and Cody went out of control and basically ordered everything on the menu. So. Much. Food. We didn't even eat a quarter of it. But, totally worth it. Mmmm fried green beans.
Moving on..
A couple days later Cody took me on an adorable date that, despite these horrible pictures I wanted to document. He started by giving me really cute dream-catcher-esque earrings that he wanted me to wear on our date. Good job Cody, they are adorable and went along with a gift card that he gave me later on in the date to a place called charming charlies. ..witch is adorable, because I mentioned that I wanted to visit that place like 6 months prior. Smooth Cody :) He also gave me a coupon to purchase an industrial sewing machine. Have I mentioned that I like to reupholster furniture? Anyway, he wanted to surprise me with one, but wasn't sure what kind I wanted. To his credit he actually did research the different types and started talking to me about the different pros and cons of each model.
he he Cody talking about bobbins makes me chuckle a little bit.
A few weeks prior to this date we picked up a Phoenix magazine featuring the top 20 restaurants in the Phoenix area. Cody surprised me by taking me to two of them, one for dinner and then another for dessert. The first was called Amarro's in Cave Creek, that had bomb pizza. Seriously. Delicious. This picture is of the spinach tomato pizza, and I know you can't really go wrong, but the mozzarella was fresh and everything was so fresh and delicious.
The second restaurant was Tanzy, in Scottsdale. This turned out to be a cool spot for 40 year olds trying to maintain their youth. Sad, but humorous. Their desserts did not disappoint though. We enjoyed creme brulee as well as flour-less chocolate cake. Magnificent, and with built in entertainment, it was extremely enjoyable.
We had such a fun date. Thank you Chelsea for watching Mack overnight for us, and thank you Cody for continuing to be so creative and making me feel so special. I love you.

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  1. You and Cody are the cutest couple ever! Seriously! And good to know turning 25 isn't that bad! I'll let you know how I feel when it happens to me in about a month! haha