Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I know what this blog is missing!!


After taking a quick gander through my latest blog entries I've decided I really need to readjust the direction of this blog (HA!!!)
..(I secretly hate it when people actually say that)
Anyway who am I kidding, food makes up like 75% of my life's decisions, so posting about food is probably more telling about my life than anything else. ...I'm only partially kidding.
With that being said, me and Cody are still cooking our meals together and having a lovely time. With the new move our groove has been thrown off, but I am an eater.. I'm sure we will find it again.

The first picture is of a meal that was on the cover of a food network magazine a few months back. It was very summery and delicious. I wish I would have saved the recipe, but it had some light lemony dressing, with the pasta, nuts, basil, fresh mozzarella and roasted bell pepper. Very light and delicious.

The second picture is another food network magaziner, Grilled Mac and Cheese with pulled pork. I found that one on the internet, so if you want it just go HERE. Why haven't I ever thought of putting mac n cheese on a sandwich before? Genius. It was ooberly delicious, but ridiculously filling!

Number three is a delicious turtle cheesecake. I also found a very similar recipe to this one, linked right here. Cheesecake Heaven.


  1. Can I come over for dinner at your house?! haha

  2. That all looks so good!! How did your cheesecake turn out looking like a professional one? You have magic fingers when it comes to cooking.