Thursday, October 13, 2011

Guess who turns 28 today!? This guy! ..My husband, not the weird clock statue.

Party time!
On an unrelated note. (besides being centered on my husband)
Doesn't Cody look like Michael Buble? Oh well, I think he totally does and no one agrees with me! No one! Come on, they have the same adorable round face, and perfect nose! .. go look again.
BUT, I felt totally vindicated when a teenage girl from our new church ward told Cody that exact thing... sweet vindication!


  1. You should have said "Guess who has two thumbs and turns 28 today". It would have fit well with the picture. Also, Michael and I share another things...a jazzy soul.

    Thanks for the blog birthday wishes.

  2. He DOES kind of look like him! I have never noticed that before! Happy Birthday to Cody!

  3. Cody= Michael Buble.
    Happy Birthday Cody!