Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sorry I am a little delayed in writing part two of our TN visit. I know you've been waiting at the edge of your seat for this gripping tale.
We did a lot of things while in TN, and of course I didn't get near enough pictures. We went to the Ripply's Aquarium, which was huge and super cool. But, no pictures. And "we" also went on a hey ride, although I sat that one out, do to my hey allergies. But, I hear it was beautiful. One day, we went around the small town that we were close to and shopped around. the pictures above, are of me in a cute old phone booth, and also of a cheese store that I thought was cute. I LOVE a good cheese. (if you look closely you can see Ryan and Amy purchasing some exotically strange cheese.)

This is a huge grandfather clock store that serves as my personal Hell!!! I. Hate. Clocks. That. Make. Noise. Even the clicking of clocks drives me nuts, me and captain hook would have a lot to talk about.
My studly husband and creepy wooden Irish clock statue.
This is a candy store, picture justified.
One of the billion of delicious Candy stores that lured us into them.

Note; Kiri is in a pancho because it was drizzling outside.
dinner/theater show thing. It was kind of like that show that is across from Disneyland. You know, the one where the knights joust. (has anyone seen that other than me and my jr high choir?) The only difference was that this place had better food, and it was country western themed (surprised?) But the best part of the night was the video of Dolly Parton they showed at the end, where she sang a super horrible county song. The crowd ate it up, she is seriously like a God over there. It is hilarious.

This is us riding up the ski lift into some cool little town-ish place. It was beautiful, but strangely this is the only picture I snapped. Ryan, I don't know why, but you make kind of strange appearances in all my pictures. HA
This was a little booth in the town at the top of the ski lift. This is Amy showing us her mad shooting skills!! Our roots run deep in Louisiana!
This was just a random view from our car. It was so so green and beautiful.

Dad, why are you making this face. Ha. Love you.

It was super hazy and cloudy at the top of the highest point in the smokey mountains. The boys all hiked, while the girls wussed out and stayed with the kids.

It was very eerie, but beautiful.

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