Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My family is awesome. Truly they are, I am so blessed. My parents are gracious enough to foot the bill each summer so we can all get together for a family reunion. I look forward to it every year. This year we randomly headed to Tennessee!!!

My sister and her family moved to Tennessee a few years ago and happened upon this cool vacation spot like an hour out of Knoxville. Why not, said the Theriot's and we all (minus my sister Dee, her husband Michael, and little girl Raegan who were all greatly missed) packed our bags for TN. The West coast gang flew and then rented cars, while the TN/MO gang drove. Amy provided an amazing.. shall we say 'themed' mixed Tennessee Cd for us all which still haunts my dreams and gets stuck in my head today... thanks games. Tennessee was absolutely gorgeous.
As we drove the three hours from the airport to our destination we counted 13 cracker barrels!! 13. and we weren't even seeking them out. They found us. So naturally we had to eat at one and the verdict is.... even in Tennessee, they still aren't good. Ha, but when in Rome.

I have to break this post up because I am much to lazy tonight to blog about the whole trip so I will limit this one to our cabin. It. Was. Awesome.
Three stories with a big kitchen/family room, game room, and theater. There were 6 bedrooms all equipped with king size beds and their own bathrooms. There were also 2 spas located on 2 of the different stories. The view was amazing. It was a great setting for such a fun trip.

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