Thursday, June 16, 2011


It has been far too long since I have talked about what Mack is doing. What kind of family blog is this!?

Here is what Mack is up to these days at 27 months...

Mack has conquered the alphabet. Upper case and lower case. He can sing the entire song without help, and is super proud of himself. He does a pretty good job, but has a hard time saying the letter W.

He is obsessed with letters, seriously everything can be a letter in my two year old's eyes. Yesterday I was clipping his nails and he was screaming bloody murder, which was strange because he usually doesn't mind me cutting his nails, in fact, he likes it. Anyway, he screamed the whole time until I was finished and then he ripped the fingernail clippers from my hands and held them upside down and said "V." I was so impressed. He also continued to make an "A," and "I," and and "L" out of the fingernail clippers.

The incident with the fingernail clippers is not anything new. Everything is a letter or number with him. Pens are "I"s buttons are "O"s and on and on. It would drive me crazy because it is non stop, but it is too cute to be annoying.

Numbers are also up there with letters, as well as colors. He counts to ten by himself, even though 6 and 7 are harder to understand. He is trying to learn 11-20, but as of now just chants "mmmmteen" 5 or so times and calls it good. Mack counts non stop. His steps, the church lights, his crackers. You get the picture. And if you are thinking to yourself, wow that kid might be OCD, you wouldn't be the first to think it. :) His favorite number is 9. He can draw a "9" and an "e" by himself, and is super proud of himself.

Mack has his colors down, with the exception of yellow. even though he knows what color it is, he calls it "Y". Strange.
Normal color labeling isn't good enough for him anymore, and I blame dang Blues Clues. ...has anyone seen that episode with chartreuse and magenta and stuff? ..Consider yourself lucky. Along with all the normal colors he also knows black, grey, and pink. I think his favorite colors are orange and purple. He gets very excited to see/say those colors.

Mack's talking is getting better. He still is far from where he should be, but he is improving so I am happy. He is starting speech therapy again next week and I am nervous. - The lady told me to have him stop practicing letters and numbers, and I/we just couldn't do it. Mack is obsessed.

He loves blues clues and Finding Nemo. His favorite shows are wheel of fortune (I wonder why) and also Price is right. (He gets giddily excited when anyone bids $9.99) He is a super sweet boy and has hardly any tantrums. He loves the little girl Lucy that I watch a few times a week and calls her shushi. (Which is better than what she calls him. She tries to say Mack and just ends up saying F***. Ha ha ha) Mack Loves the park, swimming, grandma and grandpa's house, and being outside. More than anything though, he LOVES the library! I know... he is a strange little man, but he LOVES the library more than anything!!

We love this little boy. He keeps us laughing all day long. We are grateful he is part of our family.


  1. I love Mack! I haven't seen him in soooo long! So he actually likes a little person like himself?! That's good!

  2. WOW! He's a brilliant little guy!!! Some kids go to kindergarten not even knowing those things.