Friday, July 1, 2011

Save the Best for last. DollyWood!!
This was a definite highlight from our fun Tennessee trip. While it lacked the Disneyland magical feel, it was seriously such a blast! And the funnel cake was to die for!!!

There were a lot of really fun roller coasters, shows, and BBQ, but the best part of DollyWood was the adorable little rides they had for kids. Mack LOVED them. He had a smile plastered to his face the entire time.

Rip off Dumbo Ride

Rip off tea cups

These next few rides were the best!! Mack was able to ride them by himself, which he thought was the coolest thing in the entire world! His cousin Rhyan is riding with him.

totally cheesy, but authentic smile

The pig ride didn't disappoint either. He is riding with his cousin Carter, who is rocking the sun glasses.

still fun

The duck ride was also a hit. He got to ride this with his cool older cousin Jonas, and cousin Carter.

Remnants of a funnel cake, and a sucker. Could a kid ask for more?


  1. I an so so jealous! I want to go to Tennessee so so bad and dollywood! Ah I wish I was there right now! Haha! So cute pics from what looks like a so fun trip!

  2. I have never seen him smile so big in so many pictures. He really must have been in heaven.