Sunday, September 26, 2010

What seems like an eternity ago.

My computer broke. Like in half. The screen on my lap top now lays completely down and when I turn it on it makes a sound like a small child screaming. So I have been without.

Even though my birthday was like 3 weeks ago I thought I would still document my fabulous week.
My actual birthday was on a Wednesday this year which means it was full of piano lessons and mutual. Cody also had interviews for clerkships all day, so I was pretty sad. I did enjoy some krazy sub with my sister Dee and swimming in the afternoon. Cody was a stud and showed up at my mutual with a DQ cake with a billion candles on it. I was embarrassed. He is sweet.
The following Saturday Cody took me to this amazing little restaurant/ bar in Phoenix called Switch. The food was absolutely amazing. Cody got an apricot and barbecue chicken sandwich, which sounds gross but was actually mouth wateringly good. The place was really good, and I love trying out new restaurants, but there were mysteriously A LOT of middle aged gay and lesbian couples there.. and the song "Ladies night" was playing in the background. I definitely want to go back, but maybe during the day for lunch. ha ha
Me and Cody also went to the dollar theater to finally see the new Twilight movie. I loved it, but seeing as how that topic is ridiculously old now I wont go on.
I ate some ham and Gouda crepes. Fantastic.
My friend Alana made me a cactus cake for my b-day. I love saguaro cacti. I think they are so funny looking and they strangely fill me with AZ pride! Alana, knowing this, made me a cake. Oh Alana, you are funny. Thank you, it was delicious.
On a side note, mack loves chef boyardee. It kindof grosses me out, but I still let him eat it anyway, does that make me a bad mom?

Thank you to everyone who made me feel special on my birthday. I am so lucky to be surrounded by people who love me.


  1. Such an awesome cake. And I love that you guys are adventurous eaters!

  2. I think even though Chef Boyardee is not exactly "farmer's market" worthy, they are actually making an effort to be more healthy for kids these days, so that should make you feel better.