Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Sign Made it A Reality

My parents are moving.

I am extremely sad about it.

My parents have lived in their house for the past 24ish years. This is the only house for them I have ever known. I was a baby there, played the piano there, fought with siblings there, snuck out of windows there, fell in love there, I grew up there. ...

I know that house like the back of my hand, where my dad hides his guns, where the secret stash of money is hidden, the places you can make out and not get caught, Where everything goes when I empty the dishwasher, the gosh awful hallway that is covered floor to ceiling with family pictures. Everything.

I have known that my parents were moving for a while now, but it wasn't official until I drove up today and saw that horrible yellow for sale sign that was laughing at me. How am I going to let anyone live in my house? All my memories are built there.

My parents are moving to Utah. Stupid, Parents stealing Utah. My dads job is changing, which he, and the entire family is thrilled about. He will be able to do a lot more writing in his job and be able to help a lot more people. He is still working at family services, but in a different area than he is now.

I know I am being very over dramatic about the whole thing and that everything will be fine, but it is still hard for me. I guess change and me don't mix too well.


  1. stef told me this the other day and i was sad for you! i completely understand, i would die if my parents ever moved from this house. at least you can be excited about your dad's new job right?? (and at least you don't have to move to utah with them! haha)

  2. The pit in my stomach got deeper and deeper as I read this post! My heart hurts for you.

    This same thing happened to me this past year, and it sucked, it still sucks. But I am starting to let myself have fun making new memories in their new home. And hey...maybe we could carpool to Utah.

    P.S I'm pretty sure Mack will look awesome in a Utah Jazz jersey, I might have to supply him with his first!