Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekend Festivities

Sunday Mack had his first week of nursery! It was glorious for me... even though Mack was less than enthusiastic. Mack has a problem with little kids. He doesn't like them. So, being forced into a room that was swimming with them may have been a little traumatic. I feel so bad for the nursery workers that were forced into holding my child the entire time. Does anyone have any suggestions for this?
... and if you tell me to have another kid I will kill you :)
The Huffs celebrated my birthday on Sunday! It was glorious filled with cafe rio burritos, delicious cupcakes, and presents galore. Thanks to the absolute best in-laws a gal could ask for!! Darin (father-in-law) and Jaxon (brother-in-law) are restoring this bla bla bla (Year) blah blah blah blah (make) Jeep. All I know is that it is beautiful and bright orange! Mack loves it. And yes, that is Cody making an extremely creepy face in the background.
Because Cody needed new jeans, and because we had a groupon for 50% off, (Groupon is the best thing ever. if you haven't heard of it immediately look into it. It is a sight that sends you a local coupon every day.) we ended up at gap this weekend. Mack didn't understand why Cody left and immediately investigated. Don't worry, we were the only people in the dressing room.
A trip to Five Guys was in order this weekend with Deanna and Michael. I had heard a lot of great things about this restaurant so I needed to try it out!
Verdict: I really liked it. It was delicious, but in my opinion overpriced. would I eat there again? Definitely.
Horrible picture of me and Cody eating the monsterous burgers. Ha ha
Mack is very serious about food. ...I have no idea where he got that from.
We also went with our friends Blake And Alyssa to see Lamb of God. (not to be confused with the heavy metal band) It was songs about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ composed by Mark Gardener. It was beautiful and brought me to tears. No pictures though, sad day.


  1. Ok, I totally know how your feeling about nursery. Brody hated it and kids in general. He hated when I would take him to play group at the park. And sadly I have no advice. I just kept taking him, and telling him that mommy would be back. Eventually- 5 months later (sad I know) He began to love it. It will happen...hopefully sooner than later!

  2. When did he get so big? He looks like a little boy now and not a toddler. :( And I just love the picture of me being a huge fat face. Nice.

  3. You do have the best inlaws ever, and they are incredibly attractive and talented. Also, Mack in skinny jeans are my most favorite thing in the world!!

  4. Love Cody's face in the picture at the burger place.

  5. Yep, no real solutions to the nursery thing except to keep taking him and enjoy your freedom (however limited it may be).

  6. Mack is gorgeous! I'm sure you hear that all the time, but I could not resist saying it again. Five Guys is overpriced but pretty good.

  7. Love the pictures! That boy is freaking cute. Mack, not you Cody. Oh, and it's Rob Gardner, not Mark.

  8. ha ha I am an idiot... what else is new.

  9. why is he so big!? he is so stinking cute. Presley has been going to nursery for months. SHHHH! she loves it. I lucked out for sure.