Thursday, September 9, 2010

Movie of Choice

I am obsessed. 500 Days of Summer.
Have you seen it? I am in love with it!
This movie made me love Joseph Gordon-Levitt and I love Zooey Deschanel too. They are beautiful together... or not together as the case may be. I might as well just leave this movie in my DVD player on repeat because I watch it so often. I seriously love everything about this movie. The way it was filmed, the ending, the way it made me identify with the characters, the music. Everything is golden in my eyes.
I don't hate Summer in this movie at all, maybe its just because we have all been on her side of a relationship. I get her.
This movie also inspired me to cut my bangs (hate that word) like hers.
I love the way they are dressed throughout the film. I love Tom's skinny ties and cardigans. Classic.
They are adorable.
This scene makes me laugh out loud every time. Stupid youtube version cuts out the part where he sees his reflection as being han solo. Ha ha ha.



  1. i hate that word too. I like to call it "fringe"

    still waiting to see that... come on, redbox!

  2. I love this movie too! It's so cute and fun! You hate the word bangs?! hahaha I never knew that! That's interesting1

  3. If I could have cool clothes like they do in this movie I would be SO happy. The dance sequence is hysterical.