Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Secret Treasures Divulged

Bountiful Basket is my recent find that I am obsessing over!!! Seriously! You pay 15 dollars and they give you a ginormous amount of fresh produce! Half is fruit and half is vegetables. Whoever thought of this is genius. Ever single week the produce changes according to what farmers have a surplus of. - I love being surprised with new items each week and I love trying new things. This week I got:

2 coconuts
large bag of grapes
10 crunchy and very delicious apples
large bunch of bananas
huge cantaloupe
Stalk of celery
Bunch of lettuce
Tons of green beans
8 tomatoes
8 red potatoes
head of broccoli
I have never eaten more fresh fruits and vegis in my life! Go check this out at bountifulbasket.org!


  1. Okay...I told you about this months ago...wheres the credit? Something like...the most beautiful Mother inlaw anyone could ever have told me about this!

  2. Interesting. Never heard of anything like this. So I can really just go down there and they give me a basket back full of fruits and veggies? I don't really like either, but maybe it would force me to eat more. (like I really need to eat more food)