Thursday, February 25, 2010

We'll start with the avocado fries please

For my and Cody's first selection we chose to make fried avocado slices!!! (if you don't understand what I am talking about you might want to read my valentines day post)

Me and Codes made these little beauties last week! We chose to make an appetizer because Cody's school was rough and he got home really late every night. These little gems came to be on Sunday afternoon.

We decided that these would be Ah-mazing on hamburgers! They were SO good, but a little too hard for an app. They needed to be eaten right away for maximum goodness. we also spiced things up by adding grated Parmesan to the batter before it was fried.


  1. Those do look amazing! Tracy, you are so funny! I completely forgot about those dresses! If I remember correctly, they were not that cute... so I don't need them back unless you want me to take them off your hands. Otherwise, to Goodwill they go! :)