Saturday, February 27, 2010

Smells like Wind, Ice, and Freedom

Old Spice you have done it again.

I was first delighted with this commercial! 'I'm on a horse' Ha ha ha, oh man.

Then I was walking through Target and headed over to get Codes some more deodorant and guess what I found? Old Spice Matterhorn!! What?! This will be perfect for our upcoming Disneyland trip on Thursday! And what does the Matterhorn smell like you might ask? .. Ice, Wind and Freedom!

It smells delicious. I am wearing it right now.


  1. ha ha ha!!! Im getting some for zach.

  2. MMMMM...I need me some of that:) Or maybe I can just come take a wiff of you to get my fill!

  3. haha! I'm so jealous...even tho I just got back. But not to burst your bubble (because I was pretty sad) but Matterhorn was closed when we went.

  4. HA!!!!!!!!!!! I swear Tracy, you are so strange....haha Im laughing right now.