Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm already traumatized

Free Willy? ...

I have been fooled all these years to believe that killer whales are large, rubbery tubes of love. Apparently this isn't true. Today a trainer was killed in front of a LIVE audience!!!! Thats right, good old Shamoo viciously attacked a trainer. Are you kidding me!? Can you imagine all the 5 year olds watching that from the audience?

Good luck explaining that one parents. I'm traumatized, and I wasn't even there!


  1. Totally freaky. Can anyone blame him though? I mean the trainers dress up in their dark rubbery wet suits and what do they look like? SEALS! Killer Wales love seals. So who can really blame him if he takes a nibble. Plus, he has been stuck in a cage basically and these people keep forcing him to do tricks day after day after day. He just got fed up I'm sure. :)

  2. I spelled Whale wrong. I am ashamed.

  3. The county of Wales is pissed at you right now...

  4. And by county I meant country. Looks like I can't spell either.