Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mack and His Noises

What a neglectful mom. My son is growing so big and I am lacking some major updates.

This video was taken like a month ago. Mack is so funny. He sings all the time. Especially in his crib in the mornings, in his car seat, and when I play soft pretty music on the piano. (he doesn't sing when I play prokofiev) ha ha

Mack also makes a weird rolling the tongue sound in the back of his throat. He has done that for months now but I thought I needed to document it. Mack also said his first word like a month ago. 'Light' - which is appropriate because he LOVES lights, lamps, and anything that lights up. I am sad I couldn't really get him to say it on this video, but whatev. - Mack doesn't perform. When we go on walks he looks up at each street lamp and even though they aren't on he says 'Ight' at each one. He also sings OOoooo with his little mouth puckered but I couldn't find a video with this.

I am so in love with this little boy. He is so smart and amazing. I am so lucky.


  1. oh my...I love him soooo much!! I can't wait to see him when we come!!!

    By the way, thanks for posting this, I feel like it was just for me!!

  2. Hes so cute. We need a playdate stat.