Tuesday, February 23, 2010

V-Day Madness

Valentines day was ah-mazing this year. Mack slept in until 7:00, which was glorious in itself. Then we made strawberry Nutella crepes. - a fat-filled staple over here at the Huffaker's house.

Afterwards we headed off to Kabuki, one of our favorite Japanese restaurants. They have the best tempura EVER! (no pics, i forgot my camera) My mom was kind enough to watch little Mack so we could have an afternoon to ourselves. Thanks mom!

After Kabuki we went and saw Valentines Day. Natural choice. It was pretty funny, other than the one lame line when the black guy said something like "I'm the chocolate" .. what the.

After lunch and the movie we went and picked up Schnubs (thats what we call Mack) From there we headed to the park to enjoy that beautiful sunny day! We played a little basketball. This was fun until Mack was mad that he couldn't have the ball.

Park of choice? .. Riverview. ha ha. The closest.

Mack loves the water. He kept trying to dive in. Mack obviously is a rookie to Riverview park and the trash that is thrown in the nasty water.

This trip also inspired me to teach Mack to say Hola instead of Hello.

At around 6:30 we put Mack to sleep and made and enjoyed dinner together. We started with this sourdough bread and oil and balsamic vinegar. Delicious.

For dinner we made artichoke, spinich, chicken and penne pasta with fresh grated parmigiano reggiano. Loved it!

After dinner we watched the movie chocolate (thanks cody ;) and we ate these fantastic tuxedo cakes with raspberry sauce.

Along with the movie chocolate and sees Candies (I love me some bordeaux) Cody also gave me a cooking magazine and a journal. In the journal he told me that once a week he would love to pick something fun to try and make and then to make it together. How cute is that!! I love to cook and I loved this!! (blog posts will follow.)
Cody is so sweet and so good to me I am the luckiest girl in the world and so happy. Thank you Cody for a beautiful day!!


  1. SCORE! Sounds like an awesome day.

  2. In that picture of you and Mack by the lake he kinda looks like Freddie Prinz Junior. Anyone? Just a little? He looks so cute though. And I am very jealous of your tuxedo cake, but my choice would be one of those flourless chocolate cakes. Mmmmmm.