Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Hugh Game

Let me preface this by saying that me and Cody are huge nerds. Sometimes on Fridays we spice up our day by ... playing games of course. Not halo, or wii, because we are big nerds remember? So instead we play made-up word games of sorts. In the past we have played "Quote movies wrong" day.

.. 'Mama always said, life is like a shooting rocket, you never know what you're going to get'
This is mildly entertaining,

But my favorite made up game by far is the Hugh Game. You chose a song and replace the word 'you' with the name 'Hugh' and then see who can find the funnier fit. Sound lame? Oh, well I love it so much that I would gladly name my next boy Hugh if Hugh Huffaker didn't sound so hideous. Then I could play this game all day every day. ... oh the joy

-Hugh make me feel like a natural woman

- Hugh spin me right round baby right round. Like a record baby....

-I had the time of my life and I've never felt this way before... and I owe it all to Hugh.

-I never felt that I'd meet somebody like Hugh... and I want to fall in love, with Hugh. (Chris Isaak anyone ;) Jade? Alyssa?)

Oh the possibilities are endless. Does anyone out there want to join us? Can you one up me in the Hugh game?


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. Love it. Hows bout:

    I'll have a blue Christmas without Hugh
    I'll be so blue just thinking about Hugh

    oh, I got one...

    Can Hugh feel the love tonight

    one more...

    I'll make love to Hugh
    Like Hugh want me to
    And I'll hold Hugh tight
    Baby all through the night

    I really need to stop this is getting out of control!

  2. Hugh make a my dreams come true....

  3. Okay, I have to let you know your Grandma Harris is the originator of the "Hugh Game". When I was fifteen and had a darling boyfriend named Hugh - she use to sing to me:

    "Hugh stole my heart away...
    Hugh changed my night to day...
    Hugh caused all my dreams to come true
    That's why I'm so mad about Hugh!"

    That was 1964. Too funny! Love, Auntie Paula

  4. bAHAHA!!!sounds so fun. Nothing is coming to my mind right now because Ive lost my brain somewhere.

  5. I love you guys. And I can't imagine the Chris Isaac song with a dude named Hugh rather than that hot chick on the beach! Let's hang. It's been way too long!

  6. Lol, I am so not creative under pressure! And I guess my mom already commented under me?!

    It's time to get your own blog Paula! haha

    Tracy did you get a new phone number?! I texted you when we received the lovely "AZ" package in the mail, but I'm not sure you even got it. Thank you so so much, we have never laughed so package ever! Madi is obsessed with the back scratcher and uses it daily and Cash love the scorpian, oh and I can't get enough of my new hot pad! Love you guys!

    ps- Can I get your address?! you can email it to