Thursday, December 9, 2010

So remember that time when I told the blogging world that Cody hits on me in his sleep? This still happens frequently, but is not anything new, so I forgo blogging the countless encounters, grit my teeth and bare the rude interruptions of my slumber.

Well blogging world I am ashamed.
You see, all this time I have been thinking that I was a helpless sleeper. Defenseless to my husbands unintentional sleeping harassment. I have been proven wrong.

A few nights ago apparently I strangled Cody in his sleep. S-T-R-A-N-G-L-E-D! don't worry, he is still alive. I guess I just reached over put my hand around his neck, squoze once, and then turned over and went to sleep. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Oh man, I hate to say he had it coming but...

Slumber party anyone?


  1. Oh man, this is excellent. One time Shirley punched me in the gut. We were sleeping on our sides, facing each other and with her top arm, she pulled bag and socked me in the stomach. Then hugged me like she was sorry. But in the morning... remembered none of it.

  2. Oh yeah, I get hit on multiple times a night too. Even in their sleep guys can't get enough!

  3. Spencer is very NON HIT ON ME in his sleep. Im not complaining. But he does snore
    ANyways, that is all besides the point. That is one funny story.

  4. Awesome. One of my friends succumbed to her hubby's midnight moves and slept through the whole thing. The next morning he said she got up and went to the bathroom before things had wrapped up for him. HAHAHAHHA