Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Have you ever seen Evita? Well I hadn't until this afternoon, during Mack's glorious nap. I loved it. I know all the music and love it, so it was great to finally see the movie. Here's where it gets weird. Today I turned on the T.V. and glee was on. I am not an avid glee watcher, its good, but I don't know, I just don't watch it religiously, get off my back about it! :) Anywho so today I decided to actually watch it and guess what they sung... a song from Evita.
How crazy that my whole life I had never seen Evita until today, the same day that Evita was showcased on Glee. Man, I feel like I am taking crazy pills. (name that movie)
Just thought I would document the craziness.


  1. Wow what a coincidence...the universe obviously wanted you to be able to experience Evita a lot! haha love you!

  2. Please don't watch "What About Bob" or you may need death therapy!

  3. I love this musical. I saw it at Gammage and loved every second of it.