Friday, December 10, 2010

Look at this Christmas tree. Isn't it sad? Me, Cody and Mack went and picked it out on Monday night after Cody's first final. We got it home and started putting the lights on it, only to realize that two strands of lights wouldn't nearly be enough. By that point we were so exhausted the thought of a late night shopping trip made us want to cry, so instead we snuggled on the couch, drank apple cider and stared at out beautifully pathetic Christmas tree.

Every time I have walked past that tree this week I have been sad that we still haven't had enough time (aka 15 minutes) to finish our tree. Cody's finally have only again been brutal, leaving me a single parent for the last month to our crazy non speaking little boy (love you Mack)

I am so excited and am having a hard time believing that after 5:00 today Cody will be finished with his last final and will get over a month off!!! I am so unbelievably happy. Maybe by tomorrow our tree will be trimmed in all its Christmas glory.
We got our tree at Home Depot for something like 25 bucks. Beautiful. Mack liked looking at trees alright, but he really loved waiting till me and Cody weren't looking to try and dart out into the street.

I love my boys.

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  1. were lame and have a fake tree. I even burn a pine candle.