Monday, November 22, 2010

Death to my Soul

My annual passes expired on Friday.

No words to express my grief.

Me, Mack, Deanna, and Raegan made a day trip to D-land last week. It was beautiful and fun, though I must admit a little less laid back than my last trip with just me and Cody.
Mack loved seeing the characters. He loved meeting Jack and Sally, he wasn't scared at all (I was totally beaming with pride) But then like 15 minutes later he was terrified of Bell from beauty and the beast. ...what the.

Anyway if you are sick of this blog having endless Disneyland posts, guess what? They have come to an indefinite end. My life just got 10 notches sadder. ..and that is a lot.


  1. wait!! what are you going to do with out disneyland! you might actually shrivel up and die!!??? it is like oxygen to you! I am so sorry for your loss!:) haha but seriously that sucks! we miss you!

  2. Oh that is sad!! But I liked all the disneyland posts! So don't feel bad for posting them! haha