Friday, November 26, 2010

A Murder and a Mystery

Have I mentioned my friends Alana and Bethany before? No? Cause I should have, they are awesome. Every year they put on a huge murder mystery party. It is fantastic! This year definitely didn't disappoint. This party was late 50's early 60's mad men era. Me and Cody played characters that I can't actually remember the names of, ha ha, but Cody's character had something to do with politics and mine was some type of skanktastic mistress
(surprised anyone?) ha ha
This was the group. Something like 40ish people.
Alana constructed a wall with cut outs that you could stand behind to make it look like you were pictures. I loved the way it turned out! I wish it was an actual wall in my house. Alana? ...
I made all the food for the party (with the exception of Bethany's fantastic cookies) I made cream puffs, chicken salad sandwiches, cheese ball, and bacon wrapped hot dog things. I think it turned out pretty good.
More food, yum.
Sorry for posting this Meladam (melanie and adam) but this picture was classic.
Me and Codes both won awards. Cody won Mr. Green award, something about being a smooth ladies man. Mine was the Mrs. White award, for being proper and orderly. How cute are these awards?
Cocktail anyone? They had a mocktail station with lots of different drinks!
I got my dress like an hour before the party. It belongs to Cody's adorable little grandma who I absolutely love! After squeezing my fat body into this dress I was informed that grandma had worn this dress when she was 8 months pregnant with her last child!!!!!! Yeah she is tiny, and I am large, both statements are true! but it was such a cute dress.

Alana and Bethany, thanks for such a fun night!


  1. Um I love this. Why can't my friends be cool like you and your friends?

  2. Thanks Tracy!!! Thanks again for doing the food! It was so delicious! I hung out by the food table a little too long that night haha. I made the awards! I am pretty proud of them! That wall was amazing! And I can't believe she built it! haha

  3. OK lame-o.... I was just thinking how freaking skinny that dress makes you. And the cutout wall thing is the coolest ever. I thought you had just photo shopped your pictures or something.

  4. dude! what the freak...8months pregnant and wearing that dress? but seriously you looked smok'in in it. I am super jealous of your skinniness right it just me or is everyone getting skinnier???

  5. Uh, yeah - that dress made you look AMAZING. I was coveting your tight little body at church.

    Man, Alana and Bethany need to be professional party planners. I'm so impressed!!

  6. I seriously have been craving those hot dog bacon wraps and Im probably going to call you for the recipe this week because Im incharge of an appetizer for enrichment.