Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Drew and Chestnuts

The last month has been filled with Christmas-ing and Drew-ing. We started the festivities in Cali with my ENTIRE family, which never happens! - I have the best family ever and we had a blast.

Cody surprised me with my Christmas present of a trip to the Price is Right!!! I have always wanted to go so I was super stoked!! We had a BLAST, just me and Cody. I didn't take any pictures. As it turns out I am really bad at that. - I live my life and then blog as an afterthought, resulting in a bad blog. Oh well, I guess its better than doing fun things just so I can put it on my blog. .. tangent.. point being, we had a really fun time and we are already planning our next price is right trip. We are going to get a group together to go next time so if you are interested in going let me know! We didn't get called up on stage, but we were sitting in the second row and I'm sure we got a lot of camera time (look for a nasty, pony tale wearing, bags under her eyes, up since two A.M. Tracy)

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