Friday, January 22, 2010

Dieting and Cloudy Days Don't go Together

When it is rainy/cloudy outside all I want to do is bake! I love cooking esp. when it is cloudy outside. I want to start out with breakfast making strawberry nutella crepes, for lunch mixing together some tomato soup with grilled cheese, a mid day snack of some homemade cookies, followed up by a beautiful pasta dish.

I understand that my imagination is running wild at the thought of food, because quite frankly I have been deprived. I started this stupid diet on Sunday. Did I foresee that this would be the Mecca week of delicious food making weather? No, no I didn't. So when this advertisement for soup showed up in my mail yesterday I almost died! Don't those soups look like perfection?! The only thing that got me through was thinking that in real life they would be ugly and tasteless, like the comparison of a whopper on TV vs. the real thing.

..side note, why are my longest blogs about food?


  1. because food is amazing and is totally worth blogging about. good luck on the diet. :)

  2. I love your posts about food. Im sorry about your diet that you dont need to be doing. But as a good friend I will support you in your dieting decision and invite you to lunch sometime next week. ha ha. Maybe for my birthday?

  3. Food is awesome- post away. So you are into photography too? What kind of camera do you have? Ever thought about starting a business? It's been soo fun. If you know anyone looking for a photographer send them my way heh heh.

    Have fun with those theory classes! Those are the worst.. I'm half way done with them right now but it's been 6 years since my first one so I'm a lot rusty. I don't ever practice more than an hour a day! I probably will the more I get into my degree though.

    Yep. Composition.. no way would I do performance. I want to write more and record my songs after all is said and done (although I'm starting now). I will be posting songs on my blog but probably not for another year till I get used to my software.