Wednesday, January 20, 2010

All things boxish

I love boxy things. Esp when It comes to cars.

I saw a cute little old man driving this car yesterday and I instantly fell in love with him and his boxy car.

Why are you so beautiful? And why must you cost over 100k !!!?? Stop taunting me with your beautifulness..


  1. Wow... you weren't kidding about not wanting to do your homework. Sheesh.

  2. I dedicated a post once to my love for old men... they have to be extremely old though and they are best when holding hands with an extremely old lady. Good times..

    What's your major? I actually like school I just feel like a horrible mom leaving Brody :/

  3. I love cars like that first one...not really a fan of the newer boxy cars! but anyways I love you and wish I saw you more!

  4. I love that boxy car! Lets make a pact and get one when we arent a poor student family. k?