Sunday, May 29, 2011

I never know how much to blog. On one hand, I don't want to only blog about rainbows and butterflies, because my life is so not perfect, and I don't want anyone to get the impression that that is what I am trying to portray, but on the other hand, I don't want to make my life seem not as fun/blessed as it really is, because I am so grateful for my life and really enjoy reading back on good times.

That said, this post is entirely designated to me bragging on how amazing my husband is. Seriously he is amazing.

Cody has done extremely well in law school at ASU. We had a hard time deciding where to go to school because he was lucky enough to be accepted to quite a few places, but in the end it came down to going to either BYU, George Washington, or ASU, after laying out our options weighing debt, experience, and opportunities, we decided to stay at ASU. I look back at this decision, 100% sure that this was the best decision for our family, and grateful we received that inspiration.

These past three years have flown by. We found out I was pregnant just before Cody started his first year of law school. Now Mack is a rambunctious, still non speaking, 2 year old.

Cody has done so great in school, and will end graduating in the top ten people in his class. He has been involved in a lot of different groups and journals at school, but has prioritized them beautifully, where I still felt like I had a husband.

This year one of Cody's articles was published in ASU's law review. Although every student writes an article ASU only publishes about 8 a year. (or something like that) His article was, “A New Type of Commandeering: The Bypass Clause of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Stimulus Package),”
It was a big surprise and an honor, when ASU selected Cody's article to be submitted (they only choose one) to a national competition for a best written student article.
Would you be surprised that out of all the articles submitted by law schools ACROSS THE COUNTRY that Cody's article won! Of course not. He is a genius. Seriously. ASU paid for me and Cody to take a weekend trip to San Diego, where he was presented the award. I am so mad because I have his acceptance speech recorded, but can not for the life of me figure out how to post it on you tube so I can link it to my blog. Ughh. I am lame. Not that anyone would listen to it anyway, and trust me Cody would die of embarassment if I put it on, but he gave a 10 minute synopsis of his paper and he is so poised and amazing in front of the 500 people, that I want to preserve it, and what better way than to link it to my blog, so if anyone can help me out with that I would seriously love you. Anyway here are some pictures of our amazing weekend in San Diego, which actually happened a couple months ago. Dang me and my blog laziness.

Sorry these pictures are huge, I forgot to resize them, and am much too lazy to go back and do it.
This is us driving over there.
*Side Note*
Roadtrip + No Mack = Complete Bliss
Roadtrip + Mack = Hell on Earth

We stopped off to Daves in Yuma for lunch because it was payed for and.. why not??
Cody being super sexy at the conference. Seriously, he is hot. And look at that plaque. It is huge, and hanging in ASU's law building if you wish to see it.
The whole weekend was perfect. The school was going to pay for a hotel for us, but I have family in San Diego we would have rather stayed with. It was heaven. They spoiled us. We went to Ruth's Chris and had the best steak/calamari/creme brulee of my life. Ahhh I can't even think about it because all I have eaten today are gross crackers and I am so hungry. Besides eating ourselves absolutely sick the entire weekend we just did a lot of hanging out around the house, which was exactly what we needed, some time to just relax. It was amazing. We caught up on a lot of reading, and swam in my aunt and uncles glorious copper ionization pool.... or something like that. We also got to hang out with my adorable cousins. The entire experience was so much fun. I am so grateful for my husband for so many reasons, but mainly because he is smart which means free vacations for me:)
just kidding of course. I love you Cody.


  1. That is awesome! And you should put Cody's speech up here I will watch it and whenever I go to your house say little excerpts from it and see if he notices! haha just kidding! P.S. You look gorgeous (as always) in all these pics!

  2. Kris told me about Cody's paper and said "he can pretty much get any job he wants now." So cool. And yeah, Mack and Kit are pretty much soul brothers. If you're at all concerned about his speech, talk with Krystn Murphy. She got us the appt to get Kit screened and the pre-school program has been great for him. Of course, he may be biding his time and soon he'll bust out with full sentences.

  3. That is awesome. Way to go Cody!!! You have every right to be proud of him and brag!