Sunday, October 31, 2010


70's Rocker, Elvis, and Aviator = Halloween at our house this year.
We went to our ward party and was recognized by no one. It was seriously so funny.
Remember how I posted forever ago about how I look like Elvis?! ...How do you like me now. I AM Elvis.
Oh Cody, this will forever be locked away into the section of my brain that is entitled "thing that make me laugh."
You "rock!" ... ha ha

Do you see it yet?
Last week we attended a carnival put on by the Dickersons. It was so much fun!!!
We ate cotton candy, cup cakes, caramel apples and other tasty treats!!
Mack's favorite game was ring toss. Even though the concept of "toss" was lost on him and he just placed the rings around the bottles.
This was the picture I used on Mack's Halloween card this year. He has the cutest little face in the entire world
Love him!
I made these cute little Halloween jars with my sister Dee. I thought I would add ribbon on top to make them even cuter, but they just ended up looking like du-rags. ha ha oh man..
At the beginning of this month Cody surprised me with a trip to D-land! Woo hoo!! He arranged for family to watch Mack and we partied it up!! This is a delicious marshmallow dipped in caramel then chocolate, and then covered in candy corn. Heaven. I also found a new drink to love. Lemonade with vanilla added. Seriously the best thing I have ever had. I let the lady who worked the booth talk me into it and I have craved one every single day since!!
You. Must. Try. One!!!
They Halloweened Space Mountain. Overall, pretty lame, but they had a light show on the outside of the building that was cool. I like this picture because it looks like space mountain is invading Cody's brain.
Overall October was very busy and a little stressful, but a great month!!


  1. Holy cow, Cody looks hilarious and if I saw him in person I probably wouldn't have recognized him. That is awesome. the end.

  2. Yes. Cody, I wish you would dress like this every day. You would probably never get a job as a lawyer, but you could live the dream forever. And Tracy, I'm sorry, but I do not see Elvis. Don't get me wrong, your costume was great, but you just don't have an Elvis face. Sorry... I've always thought you were the spitting image of Bette Midler, but maybe that's just me. HA!

  3. Bette Midler? Really Deanna? I think you look like Demi Moore. AND shes SMOKING HOT! So youre welcome. Your costumes are amazing. I am a lame mother and didnt dress up at all. I suck.

  4. sexiest elvis ive ever seen...hands down. i would have licked your face if i would have seen you in real life. thats how delicious you look.

    ps. pure torture to open your blog and see CARMEL APPLES. love it....and love you :)

  5. Mmmmm, vanilla lemonade sounds heavenly. I will have to try.

  6. I would never have recognized you guys either! ABsolutely fantastic costumes.