Sunday, May 23, 2010

A miracle/tragedy

There I was minding my own business and doing great on my diet. No carbs? No sugar?... yeah, okay, I think I can handle that for a little while. And then this happened....
Krispy Kreme was having an anniversary promotion where if you got there before 5:30 last Thursday you were given a card for a free doughnut and coffee everyday for a year! Thats right my friends!!! FREE DOUGHNUTS FOR A YEAR!!! and Mack counted as a person too, giving us three free doughnuts every day! How could I let this golden opportunity pass me by? Exactly, I didn't. This is the line we stood in, from this angle we are looking at the line behind us and we were about in the middle of the line. Nothing quite like mingling with other KK fanatics!!! This is the 1st fatal flaw in my diet...
I dragged my men with me. Thanks Cody and Mack, you will thank me later when you are enjoying deliciously free bits of heaven.
Fatal flaw #2 happened when I won a Krispy Kreme party!!! Thats right... KRISPY KREME PARTY!!! who does that happen to? I am a little ashamed to admit that I entered the contest by writing a essay as to why I should win a party. It was during finals and I was procrastinating. Anywho, I won 9 dozen doughnuts!!
that means I won 108 doughnuts.
This is me after I ate 13 doughnuts in one day!!! 13! ha ha Oh well diet, we will try again next year after my KK card expires.
On a side note that is entirely unrelated, isn't my little boy amazing! GO SUNS!!! I am so happy that they beat the Lakers!!


  1. I am an eyewitness to the fates tempting you beyond any normal persons ability to withstand. Michael was sad he was not mentioned in your post. He was even the photographer and he got the snub. You owe him a dough-nut for that! Oh wait... he eats a dough nut every day!

  2. Tracy I had no idea you were such a krispy kreme fanatic! haha Mack is so cute! I love his suns outfit! Make sure he wears it again tonight! GO SUNS!! haha

  3. Holy Crap you waste me as a K.Kreme fan. Essay! That's epic. lol I can't indulge quite as much as you unfortunately.. I love the creme filled ones (more caloric, I assume). NOT to be confused with that vile custard- CREME baby! We have a weekly Krispy Kreme run going in our house... I need to put an end to that tradition though. I'm kind of glad I missed the whole promotion thingy since I have a one way ticket to fattyville being pregnant and all (what are you even doing on a diet?!). I just can't believe they are willing to hand out doughnuts like that everyDAY! Okay I'm jealous. Say, would they notice if you photocopied me one? HA! jk

    Yes- GO SUNS :D

  4. #1 You dangled doughnuts in my face over the phone and I got NO phone call the next day. I repeat NO PHONE CALL! #2 why did I not know of this anniversary? and 3rd Mack and Presley Forever

  5. I know.....those Krispy Kreme donuts just go down so easy! I could eat a dozen myself. I'm glad I didn't know about this wouldn't be good.