Thursday, May 6, 2010

I really suck at Title names

I know I haven't updated in a long time but finals absolutely kicked my trash this time around. Oh well, they are just about over and I can finally breath again.

Over the past few weeks a lot has happened, but I wanted to share the kindness of my father after revealing his grossly twisted humor that was demonstrated on my non Krispy Kremes post. My dad, Kev-dawg as we like to call him, is an amazing handy man, and he is also my landlord, so he fixes things over at my place all the time! - A few days ago he was working on my sliding glass door. He went to Home Depot for a part he needed and when he cam back he said, "Hey Rae (what my family calls me), I got you a special treat." Me being on a SUPER lame, strict diet was secretly pleased as punch to have a reason to cheat my diet, so I held out my hand expecting to feel the weight of a delicious snickers, twix, or other candy bar, but instead received this....

Ummm... thanks Dad, I can't wait to listen to my new 'Young Ones' CD. Who doesn't love a little 'Young Cradle' and 'Grievance'?

I was going to sink one of their songs to this blog, but I thought I would spare you all. Kev-Dawg insisted that we listen to it while he fixed the rest of my door. Ha ha. Oh, and then when they started swearing, my Dad also insisted that the dudes who sold it to him convinced him it was nice Christian rap with no swearing!!! Ha ha. Oh Dad.

On a different note. Isn't my little Mack so cute? I think he gets cuter every day!


  1. HA HA HA!! He did not waste his money on that! So funny. I love your dad. I miss you. And Mack! Presley is going to forget shes supposed to marry him if we dont get together soon! I want my friend back.

  2. ha yes oh your sweet dad. what would this world be like w/out him! and mack is adorable. can i please see him in real life? and i guess you too.

    oh and ps. that was me honking at you at your parents house. remember the times we'd drive to golf in that truck? awesome.

  3. What a coincidence!!! Those guys got Navin and I to take their CD and check out their music!! So lame and I could not get the stupid lyrics out of my head..."you already know, you already know...." They told us it was good Christian music as well! LAME. That's awesome that your dad had you listen to it!

    Anyway, Mack is adorable!!

  4. I want that cd! haha I'm always down for some rap! Christian or not! hahaha And next week lunch absolutely!

  5. Those guys tried getting me to take their cd in the home depot parking lot too! I can't believe it. Who tries to make it in the world by selling their stuff in the parking lot of home depot...repeatedly! Anyway- Mack is adorable and apparently nothing has changed...your dad is still so funny!