Sunday, June 17, 2012

Whitman just went to his 4 month appointment and I'm happy to report he is no longer a little ball. (at his 2 month appointment his height was 25% and his weight was 75%)

Now Whit has graduated to an oval. (Height 60% weight 75%) 
... still fat, just a little less fat. story of my life. 

Whit's head is still oddly shaped. It looks pretty strange. I was hoping that the doctor would want to put a helmet on him. I'm tired of worrying about manipulating his head placement so he is laying on the "right side." But she said she wanted to try physical therapy first. We'll see how that turns out. Whit is still a dream, but a little cranky these last couple days after his shots. What a drag.

Life with two kids isn't as hard as I had expected, partly because Whit is so good, but probably also because he is still in the easy phase. 

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