Sunday, June 3, 2012

I was looking through mine and Cody's phones and there were a billion pictures on them, so I thought I would compile them for  a 'what we've been doing this month' post. 
Mack's summer Hair. Craaaazy
 Jaxon, my brother-in-law graduated from Mountain View.
 Cody and Whit at graduation. 
 ...and again.
 I started making my own baby food, thanks to my handy dandy vitamix. 
 Just lunching it up at Costco. 

 Having fancy dates with the most amazing man in the world. 
 Playing at my brother's new house. It is breathtaking! Great job Ken and Monica.
 Looking at this cute little face every day.
 Watching the solar eclipse through welding masks. 
 An Hallelujah shout out for maxi dresses and skirts.  
 I braided Reagan's hair (Mack's cousin) but he felt left out until.. 
 I'm sure no one reading this plays pinochle, other than my Dad, which is who we beat with a score of 1,200 to -1,500. Start learning how to cheat Dad, because that is the only way you have a chance. 
 Again with this face... it kills me. 
 Cody bought me a edible arrangements bouquet for our anniversary. I've never had one but I've always wanted one. And it didn't disappoint. 
 I tried to recreate it a few days later for Jaxon's graduation party. Mine didn't look nearly as good. 
 Homemade rolls are the best. The only downside is that I end up eating the entire pan
 THAT FACE!!! ...he loves his bath (when he gets one)
 Again with the model poses. He is the best looking boy in the entire world. I should get him into the modeling world. 
HAAAAA. I can't not laugh when I see this picture. 

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