Monday, May 14, 2012

 I swore that I would take just as many pictures of my second child as I did my first, but let's face it, that just hasn't happened. I partly blame it on the fact that I lost my memory card, and have to greatly thank my father-in-law Darin for taking all these pictures for me. But I also blame it on the fact that Whitman is SO DANG GOOD!! Seriously, it's not that I forget about him chilling quietly in the corner, but.... I just forget about him chilling quietly in the corner. He is so low maintenance it's disturbing (and glorious). He is absolutely beautiful and will smile instantly, although I must admit that his frowny face it more rare, and therefor equally as endearing.  (he has inherited my over exaggerated frown, it is hysterical..and unfortunate for him) 

At Whit's 2 month apt it was revealed to me that he is short and fat
Height - 25%
Weight - 75%

This is so unlike Mack I don't know what to do with the kid. He has fat rolls!! They are glorious! Mack was very tall and very skinny and never had any extra fat on him (still doesn't) 
Whit is a champ at eating and is sleeping really great too. Last night he went to sleep around 9 and woke up at 6:45, although that is a little longer than usual, I am hoping it's a trend.  
Last week Whitman was blessed by his Daddy in church. It was a beautiful blessing. I am so proud of my two boys. (especially proud of Cody for being able to hold this chunky kid for the entire blessing). 
 The Fam.
 Mack is now loving to stick his fingers, and sometimes his entire hand in his mouth... don't get me started. And I am wearing the necklace my Nana gave me after she passed away. 
Miss you Nana. 
 Huffaker Grandparents 
 Theriot Grandparents.. I think me and my Dad are both grabbing Cody's butt in this picture.. I wonder  which one was more inappropriate. Like father like daughter eh Dad?
 Look how beautiful my brother and his family are! Seriously Monica, how is it that you are super pregnant and still allowed to be that gorgeous! 
The whole crew. Thanks to everyone for the great support you give us! 

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