Thursday, February 16, 2012


On Sunday my beautiful baby boy was born.

Whitman Locke Huffaker

I already love this little boy so much
There are so many better pictures, but those would require me to stand up and get my camera, and since this picture was on my phone and within reaching distance, it won its spot on my blog..

I was induced on Sunday morning even though I wasn't due for a few more days.
(Have I mentioned my absolute LOVE of my OB Dr. Mcneal? She is seriously the best EVER).
Anyway I got to the hospital at around 9:00 a.m. to fill out paper work etc. but didn't really make it into the hospital bed to get business started till like 10:00.
From there it was all pretty standard. Pitocin, water breaking, waiting, epidural, an episode of New Girl on Cody's Ipad, more waiting, and then ready to push...
Whit was born at 3:19 p.m.

Things I might want to remember someday:

-my nurser knew my dad... always scary :) (love you Dad)
-my other nurse was there on her first day and painfully slow at entering data in the computer... also definitely not a champ at putting in IV's, but she made up for it by being overly attentive and very nice (much different from my nurse when I had Mack)
-I used a peanut ball for the first time... Whitman was born face up. Coincidence?
-My Dr. had fake rainbow hair that glistened in the light. When I asked her about it she said it was in honor of the start of Mardi Gras. HA!

We are all healthy and happy and loving the new addition to our family.


  1. What a good looking new born. Congratulations Huffaker family!

  2. Congrats! He is as handsome as ever!

  3. Congrats! He & Jett share the same birthday! Hooray!

  4. I love an easy labor story! Congrats!