Saturday, March 26, 2011


These posts are coming late because I have been sick, which isn't new news around our house. I am feeling better though. I am unbelievably grateful for medicine. Seriously, it is amazing.

On Mack's birthday Cody was lucky enough to have a class cancel, as well as a useless lecture in another class, so he took the day off. We started the morning out right by going out to breakfast at crackers with grandma and grandpa. (Cody's wonderful parents)
It was nice to go out to breakfast because we usually don't. Who has time in the mornings? Who wants to get dressed before noon? And honestly, I don't love breakfast food so much. I don't even feel like eating till ten, and even then it can't be heavy and greasy. I would much rather eat a bowl of cereal in the morning and then go out for lunch or dinner, where can eat my weight.

The food was good, and the company was divine:) Mack felt very special with his birthday balloons and presents. Thanks Darin and Lori. We spent the rest of the day registering for graduation at ASU and going to costco, which might not be Mack's dream birthday, but we did make it up to him with a visit to the park later that day.


  1. I LOVE the californa eggs benny!!!! I get them everytime

  2. sick huh? That seems a little suspicious to me. ha ha ;) Mmmmm Crackers. We need to go out to eat to celebrate Brittanys birthday! Yay for excuses to eat good food. Happy birthday macky boy. We love you.