Monday, February 21, 2011

Valentines Day Part 1


Valentines Day this year was great. Filled with much love.
(and potential love) A few days before the big day Me and Whitney got these adorable kids together for some staged romance. Presley (Whitney's adorable baby/model) was loving herself some Mack time. Mack on the other hand wanted nothing to do with Presley ... or any of us. While Mrs. P struck glamorous poses in the grass Mack stared directly into the camera and screamed, only briefly stopping for chocolate bribes. I only got 3 pictures before my camera died.
Whitney, will you e-mail me some of the good ones you got? Love you.

Despite how beautiful these donuts look, they are not an add folks, they are the real deal!! My lovely sister Dee brought them over to me one afternoon and created instant happiness. Thanks Dee. They were heavenly.


  1. No holiday of yours would be complete without a box of Krispie Kreme!

    I'm in love with the pink hankie coming out of Macks pocket!!!

  2. Oh my gosh those pictures look adorable! I wish you guys would have sent out cards that would have been so cute!